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Do you pressurize your children to achieve something you want in life? Which category of parents do you fall under – “The cool ones” or “The orthodox strict ones”? Every parent wants best for his child, but some often forget to provide the most important thing which he/she needs – support. Below is a short and sweet story reflecting the same….


He walked passed his mom in a jiffy without replying to her how his day was, went up the stairs and closed his bedroom door. He was late again from school today. Even though his mom felt that something is out of order, she shrugged it off as Rahul never opened up when asked if something is bothering him.

Rahul, gazed at the mirror in the bathroom and looked back in his eyes. A second later a tear rolled over from his left eye and disappeared within the folds of his shirt.

“Rahul … come fast …papa is here” shouted his mom

He wiped off his tears, changed his dress, washed his face and rushed to down to greet his father. A fake smile, hiding the pain and turmoil inside him was imprinted on his face as he talked to his father. The pain was unbearable but he cannot tell anyone about it…

“How was your result?” asked his father

“I passed” replied Rahul

“Oh that is wonderful my child” said his father with a big warm smile. “This calls for a pizza party”

There was a lot going through his mind as he recollected the words of his classmates who made fun of him and called him dull. He was losing his confidence slowly, but something inside him has always kept him going. Even when everyone thought he was dull and worthless, his parents never gave up on him. They celebrated with him in his failures and success.

The burning pain inside him vanished like dew at the sight of afternoon sun. A sense of positivity filled his heart and he promised himself that he will get better grades next time not for himself but for his parents

Hope you liked the story… If you had a story on a similar note do post it out in the comments section, really love it when you guys reply back 🙂


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