Who is a saint?

Who is a saint? How do we define them? What differentiates them from us? Is it possible for a saint to have a daily job like us? Are their lives different from ours? Do they have a secret which we do not know off? What do we have to do to become a saint? Do you have to attain a certain level of spiritual level or is there something else too?


Questions have been asked and many have been answered, yet most of us fail to grab the answer. It’s quite possible that you might have already heard about how you can lead a beautiful life like a saint’s, but there is a lot more which we fail to grab.  Let’s jump to the story of a lady, who was referred as a saintess by people all over the world

“Flocks of people from all over the world visit her, just to have a glimpse of her and everyone who return back is said to be changed man. I don’t know what happens there, but we often see a motivated crowd returning back, with a new sense of vigour to tackle the problems of the world. It’s truly amazing. I’m planning to visit her with my family next month”

The old monk thanked the shopkeeper for the information. He paid his bills and proceeded towards the saintess house. He was invited by her family to stay with them and once settled he began analyzing what is making her so different.

The first thing he observed was that she was always occupied in her daily household work and had a good repo with everyone in the family. She was not affected when someone insults her and always was calm and composed. She used to help everyone and didn’t expect a dime from anyone or appreciation in any form. He didn’t see even a slight reflection of sorrow in her eyes and didn’t see her worrying about the issues at hand.


He was surprised when the neighbours informed him, that she used to spend around four hours daily, in the nearby girls orphanage centre helping the girls in whatever way she can. He praised her deeds as she was living a perfect life.What he saw there changed his definition of saint.

He did returned a changed man and noted down what he learnt from this life changing experience …..

A person, who is always happy, keeps together his divine self and remains calm and composed in all conditions, meet everyone with respect and does his work in the right way without expecting anything back and talks in pure way is definitely a saint …


Are her actions different from what we do in our day to day activities? The answer is a big no. We don’t need to anything different. We can pray to God by converting our daily tasks into a task for god. Hope you might have picked up a few life lessons from the story.

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