Ultimate Power Of Truth

Some things are easier said than done. Imagine yourself as a parent, a teacher or just an individual who is giving advice to someone. “Don’t lie, always speak the truth…. Be truthful” Are these words familiar? How many times in your life you have heard them or used them? From childhood to adulthood, the advice remains the same but how many of us pay heed to it? Have you ever wondered that a simple small advice could have a link with your spiritual progress? Could it have a deeper meaning which we are not aware off?

Let’s jump into a simple story of a talking and intelligent parrot, who belongs to one of the wealthiest kings of the world, to understand more…


The parrot rattled against the steel rings of the cage, trying to jerk it open and be free forever. But, he has failed again today… The servant looked up at the parrot and rushed to the kitchen to bring him his food. He rushed back with small gold cups filled with the freshly prepared sprouts and carefully placed it inside the parrot’s cage.

“Thank You …” replied the parrot

The Lucky One as many referred the parrot, was the most cared pet in the whole kingdom. The quality of food, the decorations around his cage, the perfect care were in his service. Even individuals of the noble family didn’t have these facilities. Yet the parrot felt the need to be free, spread his wings and rule the skies.

Today, a great saint has visited the palace. The king along with the parrot have decided to attend his satsang. The king used carry the parrot with him all the time. During his devotional speech, the saint indicated that we should always speak the truth as it has the power to provide ultimate freedom. Just by speaking the truth all throughout their life, one can attain enlightenment; such is it’s power. These words stuck the parrot as the key to his freedom.

Months after this event, a great noble traveller visited the palace, after travelling thousands of kilometres to meet the king. The king was not in a mood to meet him so he told the parrot to convey to him that he is not around. The parrot knew this was his opportunity to speak the truth and be free. When the traveller asked the guards for the permission to visit the king, the parrot in his sweet voice replied –

“ The king asked me to inform you that he is not inside his room”

The traveller was shell shocked and returned back and as for the parrot, he was set free for his intolerant behaviour.



It is not easy to speak the truth. Our surroundings and day to day life make it more difficult to stick on its path. It has the power to give a huge boost to your spiritual progress and blessed is a person who has mastered the art to speak the truth. Its rightly said that speaking truth is an act of courage and only the brave hearts attempt to do so.

Try it out yourself –

Try to stick with the truth for 1 week, irrespective of the situation you are in do not lie and you will see a huge boost in your energies. Share your experience in the comments

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