The Girl In The Garden

She recollected the words of hate and anger that she had just exchanged with her boyfriend. A tear rolled down her left cheek as she walked all alone in the nearby garden. One step at a time, she strolled around without paying attention to what was happening around her. Lost in her own world, with pain in her heart and fear in her mind. A sense of hopelessness engulfed her mind and she felt as if everything was over.

“We will always be together” the words which once used to give her hope were now hard to recollect. Tears flooded her eyes once again and she let them flow down and vanish in the folds of her beautiful dress. She kept walking down the path until she reached the bench at the end.

Meanwhile, a few kilometers away a young guy asked the cab driver to pull over and stepped out of the cab and dashed back to the garden where he had dropped his princess. He dashed past the nearest street and climbed the low wall that surrounded the garden. Once in, it didn’t took him much time to see a beautiful, cute yet elegant girl sitting in the farthest corner of the garden.

He was guilty deep inside for he had broken her heart with his harsh cold words. He looped down the other side of the garden and made his way to the bench where the beautiful girl was sitting. As he neared her, he could see tears, which were shinning like pearls in the night light, rolling down from her eyes. His heart felt the pain as tear after tear kept rolling out of the beautiful eyes.

He slowly made his way to her. She sat there on the bench, looking at a fixed point, lost in her own world. She didn’t noticed him as he slowly made his way to the back of the bench.  She felt alone and cold, recollecting the beautiful moments they had and what just happened a few moments ago…

“Its all right my Princess … I’m here” said the guy slowly placing his hands on her shoulders. She jolted with surprise and looked straight in his eyes and slowly stood up to and hugged him tightly.

She felt the warmth of his arms, the comfort and the care that she will never get anywhere in this world as she continued to cry. He held her close, slowly moving his hands over her beautiful hair, wiped her tears with his fingers and kissed her lightly on each cheek.

“I’m here for you my Princess and I’m never gonna leave you”….

There are some relationships that are meant to be. You may not realise that today, but somewhere someday you will understand their importance.

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