The Royal Blade

I pulled out the sword from its sheath, to unfold the royal blue blade of the sword which shimmered in the moonlight like water of deep sea. I held it by the hilt the extended my arm to have a feel. It was the lightest and the most balanced sword that I have ever held in my life. I swooshed it around and its balance and power amazed me. I looked up in the night sky to catch the last glimpse of the elfish dragon rider who had dropped the sword right to me.

The wind changed its direction and I could breathe the heavy air filled with orc stench. I stood there in middle of the path recollecting my vow to protect my homeland till the last breath. I was ready …

Few moments passed …after which I saw five strong, heavily equipped orcs coming out of the tree line. “For my love” I shouted and charged myself at them catching them by surprise. I slashed my sword and even before the first one could react, his head rolled of his body.

The other orcs scattered and now slowly started to surround me from all sides. I stood in the center and tightened my grip on the hilt. All of them attacked at once and I spread my feet and countered their blows. With a swift movement, I pushed them back and moved my sword to injure two of them…

They fell on the ground screaming and cursing in pain. I stepped forward to parry a blow from the orc’s sword against my shield and in a lightening moment my sword tore through his armour and killed him. The orcs were no match for my skills, especially when I held my royal blue sword in my hands. Another orc became victim of the sword and I pounced on an injured orc who was trying to lift his axe.

The last injured orc got up and made a dash for the wood in order to save his life. I let him go ….

The danger was over for now, but I know something dark is at work and we have to prepare for the worst…

War is coming ….

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