The Curse Of Jealousy

Who is a jealous person? How do you identify one? How do you know that you are not getting affected by this evil? Does being jealous only mean taking revenge or is it something more? You might have heard that it affects your spiritual and worldly growth, but have you imagined to what extent? In the present era, almost everyone is within its grasp. Let’s find out how to avoid it and understand its repercussions by jumping into a real life story –

The doctor rushed out of the cabin to meet his senior. This was Flora’s tenth visit to the hospital. She had been consulting doctor after doctor to get out of her condition. She was in her late twenties, but her skin was turning pale and wrinkles had begun to appear on her once beautiful face. The volume of her hair had drastically reduced and her body was becoming weak day by day. She remembered the old days, how everyone used to praise her beauty and how her long beautiful hair used to flutter in the wind. A tear rolled down her cheek, disappearing into the folds of her scarf. She quickly wiped off her tears as she heard the cabin door open.

“Please follow me … the senior doctor would like to see you” said the doctor who looking into her case.

“Have a seat Flora” said the senior doctor in a very generous way and gently offered her a chair. Once she settled down he ordered the ward boy to bring two cups of coffee.

“Flora, we have crossed checked your reports and we have conducted all the tests, but all of them have turned out to be negative. I also referred your case and looked into your medical history, but still couldn’t find anything”

“To put it in medical terms, you are fighting fit my dear” said the senior doctor.

She looked at him with pleading eyes and couldn’t control the flow of tears. Tear after tear rolled out of her eyes. She stood their crying and fixed like a statue. The doctor slowly reached out to her and asked her if she could share her story with him.

She nodded and started to narrate her story since childhood...

“…And then I joined St. Xaviour College and met the love of my life. The perfect man, as everyone in the college used to refer him. He asked me out for a date and we became close friends. My little sister joined the same college after 2 years. I introduced her to everyone and even to my love”

“Time began to pass and with each passing moment, I began to fell for him. It was 9thMarch, when I decided to propose him and be his forever. We have decided to meet at the nearby café, and when I and my little sister went there, the whole café was decorated in red and pink balloons. I was so happy at that moment. As we went forward, he walked passed me … kneeled before my sister and proposed her”

Tears began to flow continuously from her eyes; she couldn’t carry on with the story and fell on the floor and started crying. Her body shivered and her breathing became intense. The doctor immediately rushed by her side and helped her up. He offered her a glass of water and requested her to stay calm.

“Doctor, I hate my sister for saying – YES; that day. I still remember the smile on her face and I can hear her voice in my head. I hate her. I cannot stand the sight of them progressing together and having fun together. I literally hate her for everything. Wish she, was never born”

The doctor calmed her down and told her that whatever wrong is happening with her is because of this hate and jealousy that she had towards her sister.

“You do not need a doctor Flora, you need someone who can help you realize the real meaning of life and help you overcome this pain. I suggest visit the spiritual and meditation center in the next town. It will change your life”

Good that she listened to the doctor. Today, she is in mid-thirties but if you happen to see her, she looks like a girl fresh out of college. All the jealously and hatred have washed away and she had transformed into a cheerful and an amazing person. With lord’s blessings, she now meditates daily. Her illness has been cured and there is no one as charming as her in the whole town. She now has no grudges against her sister and loves every moment of this beautiful life.



So, the feeling of not having something and feeling sad about it is also a form of jealously. Day by day it increases and destroys many lives. Stay devoted towards god and share love with everyone. Be spiritually active and focus on our main goal of life.


Hope, the story helped you realize the downside of jealousy and how you can overcome this evil.

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