The Two Of Swords

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, lived a beautiful princess. The king and the queen were blessed to have a daughter who was so charming and beautiful. She radiated a glow around and her smile made everyone happy. ” She is going to become the best warrior ever” proclaimed the king. The kingdom had a tradition and history were both men and women have emerged as great warriors.


The princess from the very beginning displayed great courage and kindness. Everyone in the kingdom loved her and she was perfect in every sense. She was a quick learner and displayed a great talent in swordsmanship. She was blessed with a supernatural ability of focus, concentration and patience. Her voice was sweet and each word that escaped her mouth seemed to be engulfed with sweetness of honey. She had big and beautiful eyes. She showed kindness like a saint and was fierce as a lioness. She was in every sense a majestic and elegant – Warrior Princess.


She became better and better with each passing day. She was so much in love with the art of swordsmanship, that she would spend hours and hours studying about the marvelous swords that were out there.

“Oh lord, where is she now ?? ” inquired an angry queen.

“At the blacksmith, your majesty” replied the faithful servant

“What will I do with this girl? How can someone love swords so much? Fetch her right away, it’s getting late” ordered the queen.

Day by day, her interest grew deeper and deeper. With patience, hard work and dedication she began the quest of mastering each technique known to mankind. She began the search for the rarest of rarest metal to forge a sword so strong and sharp that it could pierce through iron armor as if it was made of paper.

The King decided to send her to The Ancient School Of Warriors. This school was known for its ancient and secret techniques of training and teachings. The students were subjected to great challenges and only the best would pass out. Not many braved sending their children to this school. There were a lot of rumours about this school and it was believed that the teachers belonged to a different planet. The whole place was surrounded by an aura of mystery.


In order to pass out and complete the training the students need to do something extraordinary. The princess decided that she will go to the forbidden dark forest. The legend has it that powerful wizards lived in this forest. No one who went in has come out alive. The teachers were awestruck when the Princess announced her decision to visit the forest in order to learn the ancient art of magic and sword fighting from the wizards, that is if they exist.


“Hmmm…. Now where are those wizards hiding ?” thought the Princess. She was standing at the entrance of the dark forest. Dark gloomy trees, the ones which could send shivers down the spine of any ordinary individual. Days and days passed, she was not able to find the wizards. She has not eaten anything, nor had she slept for days. Seconds seemed minutes, minutes seemed hours , hours seemed days and each day felt like a year now. The world seemed to be collapsing around her, the her inner fire was still blazing against the odds. Finally, after 10 days of searching, she collapsed out of exhaustion.

“Wake up young lady” commanded a deep strong voice.

The princess opened her eyes slowly. It took her sometime to realize where she was. She felt sharp pain on her left shoulder, the one she fell on. It took her five minutes to realize the source of voice.

Three majestic wizards were standing her front of her. Suddenly , a flash of light zipped passed her and stuck her on her left shoulder. The pain in her arm vanished away.

“There we go ” said the wizard standing to her right.

“Are you lost my child? This forest is no play ground for children. Dark forces are on loose in these forests for quite sometime” said the calm and elegant witch.

“Please come with us to our city. We can talk while walking” said the oldest wizard. The princess gathered her belongings quickly and started following the wizards. She was breathless and was not able to utter a single word.


“Oh looks like we have a visitor” announced the tall and majestic king of wizards. “Its time since any human has set foot in this city.”

“You have eyes of your great-grandfather” said the old king.

The princess could not believe what she just heard. “Yes, your great-grandfather was the only human to set foot in our city and now his heir has this opportunity” replied the Wizard King.

“Lay out the dinner, as it is time for celebration. Welcome to City Of Wizards, Princess”

After 2 days, the princess told them why she was there and about her passion for swordsmanship. The king looked at her and gave a nod to one of his servants. After five minutes, three wizards entered the great hall. Their experience and power reflected from the glow on their face.”Behold the greatest teachers of the wizard world” said the king. The Princess bowed down in front of them and introduced herself from that point.
“You will be taught all the ancient techniques of magic, weaponry and other ancient techniques.” proclaimed the king.For the next two years, she practised and learned all she could at a very fast pace. The teachers were impressed and gave her the name – Daughter of Sword. She was able to master the techniques at a much faster pace than ever seen before. The same glow radiated from the princess and there was none better than her.

“Ah, the time has come my child… for you to leave this world and go back your kingdom and rule it wisely. If ever the evil lord strikes your land, we send you out as a hope against all odds. You are ready and your training is complete” announced the Wizard King.That night the three teachers, came to her and asked her to follow them. They took her to blacksmith and there from the most rare metal they made a sword for her. The sword was blessed with various enchantments and spells. Tears filled princess eyes, she was finally going to have the sword she dreamt of.


With gifts, blessings and tears in eyes she bid goodbye to the all the wizards and made her way back to her kingdom.”The Princess is alive …she is here” shouted an excited messenger as he dashed towards the palace to give this good news to the King. Everyone rushed to the streets to welcome her and were jumping with joy. The King and Queen rushed to welcome her, tears rolling down their eyes. The whole kingdom celebrated the forthcoming of princess for days. They discussed about Princess quests and looked at her in awe and wonder. Her blue blade sword, always hanging down her hip, making her appear more mystic and powerful.


“The dark lord has killed the Wizard King and has destroyed the Ancient School Of Warriors” announced a frightened messenger.
“He will be reaching our grounds in about two weeks” informed the messenger.”General !!! Ready the troops ” commanded the King.”Call the princess and others back from their quests, the war is on us” directed the King.The iron churned, swords and shields were brought out, strategies laid out and battle plans were made. Help was reeled out from all the kingdoms near and far. The preparations were done, the kingdom was fortified and secured, traps were laid out and women and children were sent to safer places.They say the silence is deadlier than the sword before battle. As each moment passed the nerves began to play, tension soured and the heartbeat increased.”We will give them one more chance to retreat” announced the King.
“I will go, your majesty” replied the Princess.

The Princess rode alone to the enemy camp. She looked both elegant and majestic on her horse. She ascended down from her white horse, which was sparkling against the grim atmosphere. Enemy soldiers surrounded her but she did not flinch even a little. She continued towards the evil lord tent. Every step a majestic one, reflecting her confidence and power. Her blue sword, dancing on her hip, ready to pounce out at a hint of danger.


There he sat, wild and evil and cruel. Filled with darkness and madness.

“Ahhhhh… Look who has come to surrender, the Daughter Of Swords herself…” said the Dark Lord

“We are offering you the last chance to surrender and return back” announced the Princess, a frown on her brow and the look of a lioness on her face.

“Oh dear…I’m so afraid …hahahahahahahah” replied the Dark Lord
“This is my offer to you weak people. I conquered the Wizards and crushed those at the Ancient school, what challenge do you poses…hahahaha…You know you can be my queen and together we will rule…hahahaha” laughed the Dark Lord.

“Enough !!! I will waste no more time. See you in battle. Will crush your every bone and bring justice ” said an angry Princess, as she turned away and made her way to her horse.

“Wait, Oh beauty … You will crush my bones but what about theirs” said the Dark Lord.

What Princess saw next, moved the very ground beneath her feet. She could not believe she was seeing this. Her whole body started to shiver and tears rolled down her eyes.

In front of her stood her colleagues from the Ancient School, her teachers, who taught her how to hold a sword, from Ancient School and the three great wizards who taught her the ancient techniques.

“Yes, I have controlled them…. and…… No, there is no way you can free them. The only way is to kill them mercilessly in order to free them of this hold…. I give you an offer now …become my wife and abandon your kingdom…accept defeat and surrender ” said the cruel evil lord.

She stormed out of his tent and rushed back to her side. She informed the General that the war will begin tomorrow morning and the without saying any word, she rushed past them.


The Princess was sitting next to the lake. Her heart heavy and tears were continuously rolling down her eyes. Tear after tear kept rolling down her cheeks. “Why oh lord, why this situation” she shouted out in agony and despair. “What to choose; what not to, should I ignore this and run away?”

“If I joined the war, I need to kill my teachers with my hands and if I don’t my kingdom will perish”. Her hands were trembling, a continuous shiver set down her body and eyes red and swollen from the crying. She wept and wept looking for a possible answer. She fainted in heap by the lake, her heart and soul still crying…. help me God……

“We cannot find the Princess my lord” informed the General.
“We fight without her…make men ready for battle” replied the King

“Troops Formation” shouted the General. Various kingdoms have sent help to fight against the evil lord.

The silence before the battle is much deadlier than the sword. Everything was very silent, when suddenly a steam of arrows landed a few feet away from the troops. This was followed by wild war cry of the enemy army.

“For Motherland ” shouted the General and they lunched forward in the attack. Steel clashed steel. The cries of pain and victory could be heard aloud. The two great armies collided, with each soldier giving his 100% to protect his motherland.

“Wing in the cavalry” signalled the General. The cavalry winged to the left side and attacked the enemy army killing hundreds in this process. The battle continued long and with each passing moment the blood bath increased.

“The wizards !!!” shouted someone in the middle of battle. A flash of light came from the right killing 20-30 soldiers in a go. The evil lord has entered the very soul of these wizards and was now using them in the battle. The King’s army tried to fight them, but the effort seemed futile. Within an hour or so, the king lost half of his army.

“We cannot win this battle” shouted a soldier only to be stuck by a sword a minute later.
“We cannot hold them for long, my lord” informed the General.

Meanwhile, the Princess woke up with a start ,near the lake. It took her a moment to realize where she was and once she was conscious enough, she sat up straight and with a very stable mind started analysing both sides of the situation. She meditated for some time and asked god to help her realize and introspect the situation. She knew that have to select one side and she cannot ignore this event. After, 5 minutes or so, she grabbed her sword and dashed to her horse.

Suddenly, a large ball of fire emerged from the forest on the right of battle field and landed in middle of the evil lord’s soldiers. Seconds later, it blasted causing a huge explosion killing a large number of enemy soldiers.

“The Princess is here” announced an excited soldier. From the woods, came the princess rushing towards the battle, on her majestic white horse, with her blue blade sword drawn out. Her left hand was glowing with the magic she just used.


“Rally to me ” she commanded. All the leaders followed her suit and a wave of energy and renewed spirit to fight was to be seen inside every soldiers heart. She was the most graceful warrior ever. There was none like her in the battle field. One by one she killed, the wizards and friends who were controlled by the evil lord. Tears were still rolling down her eyes as she stuck a blow to one of her teacher. Her very soul was crying, but she knew it was required and one after the another she killed them all.


The evil lord has never expected this and out of anger he rose from his horse and unleashed his true form. Everything went dark around. The Princess saw him rising and rushed to face him. Their battle was the most fiercest one ever. She was striking arrows and using magic at inhuman speed and was dodging his every strike. They exchanged blow after blow. The battle went to and fro. The Princess uttered a mystic spell, which made her sword glow like stars. The evil lord lost his focus and the princess seeing this as an opportunity, held her sword high and struck a final blow to his heart, finishing him once in for all.

” We won !!!!!!!!!!!!” danced the warriors in joy and happiness.

“All hail the princess”

The Princess was not able to stop her tears. They stood at the funeral of her teachers who were controlled by the evil lord. She went next to where her three teachers stood, unbuckled her sword and lay it next to their graves. She rose from there, standing like a majestic beauty looking off at a distant place and walked away in silence. 

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