Overcoming Your Mental Weakness

When was the last time that you were asked to analyse your nature and list down your positive and negative traits? How about now?  List them now or think about any one positive or negative trait you have. Done?

Majority of points that you might have listed or recollected can be directly or indirectly linked to the following – Patience, Capability to do things, Focusing Power and Devotion and determination. Is it possible to enhance these with our spiritual behaviour? Can our devotion towards God and his remembrance help us in these? Let’s find out –


There was a lot going through Rohit’s mind. He was standing outside the temple, waiting for his turn to meet the saint. Once his turn came, he slowly made his way inside the room and after exchanging pleasantries with the saint, he expressed his worries.

“Sir, I’m not able to work up to my potential. I’m having trouble focusing on tasks at hand and everything I try to do results in a failure. I’m always in doubt and worried about what will happen in future. Oh, great saint please help me and do something “

The saint patiently listened to Rohit and once he had expressed his concerns, offered him tea and biscuits. After a brief pause, the saint, in a deep and strong voice, said;

“Rohit, your worries and concerns are a clear reflective of your mental strength. Bad karma, unsocial and self centered thinking, bad thoughts and inappropriate company are the major factors which are responsible for your present state. These factors have a direct impact on your mind and have made you so impatient, unfocussed and uncertain”

“The only way to overcome this forever is by accepting the God’s name and reciting his name. It will not only eradicate these problems but will cure you of this mental illness and replace it with the power to stay focused and patient.

After learning the spiritual process from saint, Rohit started doing Jaap and Dhyan (Meditation) of the God’s name along with contemplation of God.  Over period of some months, he not only emerged as a strong and focused individual but he was blessed with numerous other powers. He became successful in everything he did henceforth.

The patience, determination and focus, which were bestowed on him, helped him achieve things which were next to impossible. He started working for the benefit of others and people began admiring him for his unnatural and amazing mental strength.

His aura changed overtime and he became a changed and successful man.


Such is the power of the name of God. Remembrance of his name and staying devoted and performing Jaap and Dhyan (Meditation) of the name of God can change us from within. Your weaknesses will become your strength overnight and you will see miracles happening all around.

So, next time you list down your weaknesses … you know how to convert them into your strength

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