No Strings Attached

Ever felt the pain of losing your beloved stuff? What will be your reaction if your iPhone got stolen? How will you react? What will be your reaction if your friend’s iPhone gets lost? And what will happen in case you find a worried stranger who is looking for his lost stuff? Is the reaction going to be same in all the cases? Let’s understand the difference and learn a new way to tackle the pain and be at peace –

Mukesh dodged a crossing motorcycle and continued to dash at full pace. There was a worried expression on his face and he wanted to inform his father about the tragic event at once. He kept his gaze on the road, dodging people on the streets and hearing an occasional curse from someone who he bumped into while running.

He looked up the building and saw the glowing board of - THE HUNTER’S BAR; the most famous hangout place of the town for the folks looking for a quick beer. He rushed past the people and entered via the main door. Once inside, he scanned the crowds seated at the tables first and then at the counter. It took him sometime to find his father.

“Dad…. Dad” said Mukesh making his way to the other corner of the place.

A fat man in his late forties turned his neck to see his son rushing towards him in a hurry. He took a sip from his beer mug as he watched him move across the crowd and turned his seat slowly to look up at him.

“Dad… our house is on fire. Everyone is safe but the house is engulfed in fire and is almost completely destroyed”

As he heard his son, grief, pain and agony took over him. He led out a loud cry and started crying. He felt that all his wealth has been taken away from him and now his whole family is homeless. He held his son closer to him and continued his lament.

The son consoled his dad and then very slowly informed him about the deal they had done the very last week.

“Dad, don’t you remember… we have already sold this house last week”

Upon hearing this, the father immediately gave his son a tight hug. He wiped off the tears from his face and then stood from his seat to perform a dance step. He became very happy upon hearing this and ordered another round of beer and started laughing out.

But before he could take a sip from the fresh beer glass, the son leaned in close and said –

“But Dad, we have not received the money yet”

The bartender who had overheard them was really surprised to his father, going from a sad to happy to sad state in such a short period of time.



Some things are very close to our hearts and parting from them will definitely break us down. The dearer the thing, the more tension we will take about its maintenance and security. It’s easier said than done, but we need break this attachment towards physical stuff as it will not only make us peaceful but reduce a lot of stress. Looking at things from an observer point of view is the best way to do avoid this heartbreak.

Try it out yourself. Choose something which you love, your phone, your bag or anything else… and try to develop an attitude that this belongs to God and that you are only an observer. It will not be forever and let God worry about it. See how patient and happy you will be for that week

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