Looking For Peace?

Looking for peace of mind? Don’t worry you are not the only one, infact each one of us, rich or poor, male or female, successful or unsuccessful, married or bachelor the list goes on and on , are looking for peace. It doesn’t matter from which corner of the world you are from but all of us are directly or indirectly are looking for ways to be peaceful. We want to be successful, we want to be happy and we want stability in life, but even when we have achieved these, are we able to be at peace or whether new problems always pop up? Ask yourself how you have felt when you have achieved something which you always wanted to do? Was it the end of all troubles? Are you at peace right now?

Today, we are gonna jump into a story which is going to help you achieve that inner peace. You might have heard about this step/concept  over and over again from parents, well wishers or in simple stories but just one more time … I’m gonna put it in front with an example of an old lady named Meryem, who is deaf by birth –

“Please my lord, please help me by fulfilling my wish” pleaded Meryem standing in front of a great saint. Tears in her eyes and her hands folded together she looked at him to receive a blessing. The saint looked back with an expressionless look.

“I spend around 4 hours daily at this temple, cleaning the floors and helping the priests. I always come in your satsangs, even though I’m deaf. From here, when I go back to my house, my grandchildren are filled with joy when they see me. The clap their hands and laugh around me.”

“My daughter-in-law is a great singer, I have never heard her but a lot of people come to hear her. She always looks at me and says a lot of good and positive things.”

“My lord, it’s my humble request ..oh great saint ; grant me the power of listening for 30 minutes. I know you have the power to do it, please oh lord just once I want to hear my family, what great things they say about me”

The saint tried to explain her that there must be a reason why God haven’t given her the power to hear. But, when Meryem dropped down to her knees and began pleading, he gave her the power to hear as he cannot watch her like this.


That day, Meryem rushed back from the temple 3 hours before her normal time so that she could listen to her loved ones. She missed out on the blessings she used to get from doing the temple work. She was rushing back as fast as her legs could take her.

She saw her grandchildren playing in the garden outside. On seeing her they started clapping their hands and started shouting – “Oh old witch look here; Oh old lady look here; you are a witch witch witch;”.They didn’t knew she could hear them now.

Sadness filled her heart as initially she thought the children used to love her and were very happy to see her. She proceeded forward and entered her house.

The daughter-in-looked at her and in a disgustful voice said – “The old lady is back so soon, oh god now how can I practice with all her coughing. She is the most irritating person ever”

Tears rolled down Meryem’s cheeks. She was not able to digest what she has heard. She made her way back to the saint and requested him to take back the power he had given her …



The story above gives us a strong message; it indicates that in order to be at peace, we have to become deaf to what others say about us. Yes, we will continue to hear those heart piercing words, but whenever you hear someone talking against you or making your fun in the bad way, try to turn a deaf ear towards it. Become like our deaf Meryem, always happy irrespective of what others say as she can’t hear a thing.

It’s easier said than done and you might also react by saying, that it’s impossible. But, think about a second… what are you trying to achieve here? Peace …right? Is it not one of most difficult things to attain in this world?

It all depends on you. We have the solution; a first step in the direction majority can’t even dare to take. Your belief, you faith and that necessity to achieve it will make it possible.

Try it ….

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