In Despair, There is Hope – The Power Of Hope

Ever thought what would have been going through Sita Ma's mind when she was held captive in Lanka? What were her feelings and her situation there? Is there something which we can learn from her or from her situation? Perhaps a deeper meaning which we have or may face in our day to day life but have never given a thought about. Lets find out...


She lightly touched the grass blade with her finger, lost in her own thoughts. A tear trickled down her eye and drifted into the ground below. There she sat, all alone in a courtyard, surrounded by people who were trying to break her spirit every second.

She recollected the warmness and love she felt in the arms of her husband. Another, tear rolled down her beautiful cheek and disappeared into the folds of her dress. She recollected the horror, and the sense of despair she was in when the devil king pulled her mercilessly from her safe adobe.

All alone in midst of an unknown land, surrounded by unknown people with a very small but strong hope that her husband will rescue her and hold her close and whisper in her ears -"I'm here for you my love, to keep you safe... everything is fine now"

Sita Ma was stuck in a situation where Ravana was trying to crush her spirit every second. But, Sita Ma held to her values and stood strong. She had no idea how her love will find her, how will he rescue her or how will he defeat the evil king. But, there she stood with hope in her heart which gave her ultimate power to stick to her values to the core. It is the worst possible situation you can be in...put yourself at her place and imagine how would you feel.

Life can be mean to us too. We often encounter unknown and unexpected situations and events which put tremendous pressure on us. Sometimes, these make us go mad, erode our sleep and destroy relationships and things we hold close to heart. But, a small hope can make a huge difference, it gives us the power to fight back, motivates us to conquer the fear and acts as our guiding light in a dark tunnel.

Have hope as it is the nectar that has the power to see you through in life....

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