Do You Love God ?

Is praying to God really about asking things in return? It is said that you need to love God and it has to be the purest form of love. Imagine how will you feel if your loved ones, loved you back only because they want something from you. Are you only praying to get your problems solved? Let’s read the story of a king who is suffering from a life threatening disease –

The coughing sound echoed around the huge palace. The king, weak and ill, infected with a disease that was bound to take his life, slowly opened his eyes to see a saint standing near his bed. His vision faded and he tried to hold it together, but weakness overtook his struggling body and he closed his eyes again.

The saint looked to the left side of the room and noticed the rosary(mala), which he had given to the King during his initiation many years back, hanging by the chair. He sat down near King and in a gentle voice asked him –

“Son, why are you not praying to God? You know you are near your end, but still you seem so indifferent towards him”

The King gathered up his strength, and then replied –

“Master, I have prayed for more than 30 years with utmost dedication and discipline. But, look at me today; I have achieved nothing in return. The spiritual progress you used to talk about, the beautiful experiences you talked about and the mystery and mystic powers you used to tell us about… Nothing my lord, nothing it all”

“You used to say that all my problems will vanish and I will have the most successful life, but my lord look at me now…”

The saint calmly looked at the lamenting King and then whispered back softly –

“Was there anything specific that you used to think while performing your prayers?”

The king was silent was sometime and coughed again. Gathering his strength he answered-

“I used to think and pray to lord that my son becomes the most happy and wealthy person of this world. I always had this on my mind”

The saint looked at him with an expressionless face and read out a prayer and took his leave



Even though we reach out to lord to get our wishes fulfilled, how many of us really pray to be close to him or because we love him? How many of us really love the almighty? Analyse what’s on your mind when you sit down to pray? Do you only pray to get your wishes fulfilled?

I think you already know the answer

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