Change Your Destiny

How many of us believe that we control our destiny? How many times you have been told that you have the power to control it? How many times you have heard people say everyone’s destiny is already written? From parents to elders to astrologers to teachers, I believe that we might have heard about these, at least once.

Well, let me give you a very different view, which might change the way you look at what we call …Destiny. Have you ever wondered why are we so curious about the whole issue? First, we are interested to know what will happen, next we want to know how it will happen, after that we want to know when it will happen and this is a never ending series.


But, how many of us have ever thought about the impact of the events which might happen? Suppose, God has already written our future events, but do we as humans have the power to control the intensity or impact of these events?

Read this story below to find out the answer –

Raman woke up with a start. He looked outside and realized that the sun was already up, he had overslept.

“Shayam….Shayam… hurry up or we will be late” shouted Raman rushing past him. Shayam and Raman were childhood friends who have grown up together and now used to live next to each other.

The word was out that a sage who can see the future has camped outside the village. It was rumored that he had incredible powers and is a very blessed man who can talk to God. Just by looking at a person, he can tell what is in store for him/her in future.

They dashed past the farms and the crossed the river in a hurry. “We have to meet him, he will be leaving this evening…” said an excited Raman.

It took some time, but they reached his hut by mid-noon. Shayam knocked at the door and was about to enter when they heard a strong bold voice from behind.

“Looks like someone has been in a hurry” said the old sage.

“Come inside young fellas … have some water” said the sage directing them inside.

Once they paid homage to him and we settled down, Raman and Shayam, asked the sage if he could tell them what future has in store for them. The sage knew this was coming, he replied with a nod asking Raman to look in his eyes.

“You my dear child are going to become a King and not just any King but the greatest of them all, the supreme ruler. Wealth will flow like rivers and you will always keep flourishing in the time to come. You will live in beautiful palaces, have beautiful gardens, people will respect you and will be termed as the most prosperous man ever to live on earth”

Raman could not believe what he just heard. He could felt the energy rushing through every part of his body. He felt as he was on top of the world. He danced and jumped around with happiness and pleasure. He was so happy that he rushed outside and danced in the sun.

Shayam and the sage, chucked at the sight of Raman dancing around.


“Well, let’s see what’s in store for you … my friend” said the Sage looking deep in Shayam’s eyes.

Tears rolled out of the sage’s eyes. A gloomy expression loomed over face. Suddendly, he became pale and began trembling. All the happiness and glow on his face was replaced by sadness. Tear after tear rolled down his cheeks.

Shayam was shocked and asked the sage the reason for his sadness. The Sage, maintained his silence, swept away the tears and then in a very slow voice conveyed what he saw.

“Shayam, please hold my hand son” said the sage extending his hand forward to grab his hand.

“You will have the most painful and horrifying death experience ever in the face of the human history. You will be shamed, tortured and brutally slaughtered in front of everyone” conveyed the Sage. “I’m sorry my son, wish you haven’t asked to me look in your future”

Shayam was silent. His brain went numb and he was not able to move or say something. He stood rooted on the spot, eyes fixed at point … he was lost in a different world.

“The events which I conveyed will become true three months, from now. Kindly, come to meet me on that day” said the Sage.

The season changed, time began to flow…each passing day a bringing more happiness and excitement for one, while the other was heading towards his end.

Raman woke up with a start. He heard a constant loud knock on his front door. He rushed to open the door.

“We found a chest of gold buried in your farm” said an excited worker. “Congratulations, my lord”

“Just a chest of gold? The sage told me, I will become the richest man ever…but just a chest of gold” thought a sad Raman.

He called out for Shayam, as they have to visit the saint today. As soon as Shayam, stepped out his house, his feet smashed against a big sharp rock.

Pain seared through his foot, as blood started to come out of the cut. Tears came out of his eyes due to the pain. He shouted with agony in the air.

Slowly, he went inside and cleaned and covered the cut with a bandage. Once the dressing was done, they made their way to the sage.

“But, you said I will become the richest man ever and he was supposed to die the most brutal death ever…how can you go wrong” questioned Raman.

“My dear child, I’m not wrong … what was written in your destiny has already been fulfilled” said the sage.

“Shayam, for the past three months you have been helping others, doing good deeds, praying to god for the health of others and have been working day and night in service of God …. Your good deeds have sliced out the impact of the event. The horrible death, has been downgraded to a big wound in the feet … amazing my son, truly amazing “said the sage, tears in his eyes. He thanked god and gave Shayam, a good tight hug.

“As for you Raman , you have literary wasted your time and in the long run have already destroyed the overall impact of the event. You have not prayed a single day, you have been indulging in unsocial activities and have been cruel to your friends and family… Son, you have destroyed what you have earned and hence you got what you deserved“



The above story boils down to only one conclusion. It doesn’t matter whether we control our destiny or not, but we have the power to control its impact, to shape our life and be close to god.

Every second of the life is precious. Don’t waste it

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