Can We Overcome Greed And Lust ?

In this fast paced world, how many of us really stop for a second and think about the goals we have set for ourselves? How many of us are able to differentiate between goals and the predominant feeling of having more? Are the goals we have set for ourselves turning into our lust to achieve something?

I bet many of us have already heard it over and over again, don’t be greedy ; don’t let your passion turn into an obsession that will ultimately lead you to a never ending race. But if it would have been so easy to control this feeling then why almost everyone falls in its trap? Why almost everyone, even those who try to control this urge are never successful?

Is it impossible to escape from this evil called greed? Lets find out –

Raghu was known for his generosity and his service towards the needy. He was the most famous social worker in the town and used to give away a lot of things in charity.

Once he was returning to the town via the forest route, when he saw a saint sitting under a tree.  He was mesmerized by the aura of the saint and decided to pay him a visit.

“Oh great saint, how can I serve you? I’m the greatest social worker ever to walk on this planet…. If you want, I can construct an Ashram for you or can build huge beautiful palace for you to stay” offered Raghu.

The saint opened his eyes and with a polite smile declined his request

“Oh ok … then would you like to come over to my place for lunch?“ inquired Raghu


The saint again declined citing that he doesn’t visit the city or anyone’s house

“Then, can I bring some food for you here?”said a stubborn Raghu.

Before the saint could reply, an old woman walked pass them. She was very old and weak. She was very thin as if she hadn’t eaten for days. She was shivering as she walked and it almost felt like she would fall down any moment.

The saint asked Raghu to take her home and provide her with food and shelter.

As he approached the woman and requested her to come with him for lunch, the women looked in his eyes and then in very cold yet slow voice replied –

“Sure son, but just one thing before we proceed …. If a person invites me for lunch or dinner and in case he or she is unable to satisfy my appetite, then as a rule I eat the person who has invited me”

Raghu laughed out hard when he heard her and asked her to accompany him. He was one of the wealthiest men of the town and there was nothing he cannot provide.

“Please serve her the best cooked food we have prepared today” ordered Raghu as they settled down. The servants laid the tables and brought the food.

Raghu asked the old lady to start, and she gobbled down all the food that was served. Raghu asked the servants to bring her more.

Everytime the food was served, she used to finish it and ask for more. Sweat rolled down Raghu’s forehead and his heart began to beat faster. Finally after ten rounds the servant informed him that they don’t have any food left.

The old lady on hearing this pounced on Raghu. She grabbed his leg and tried to bite it off. Raghu ran for his life, the old lady in pursuit. With nowhere to go, he rushed to the saint and asked for his help.

“The old lady is a demon my lord, please save my life”

The saint asked Raghu to calm down and asked him to have a seat.

“She will not hurt you now” replied the saint.

The saint explained that the old lady is a form of greed.

“There is no way you can escape from her. You cannot destroy her or run away. Once she had entered your life, she will completely destroy you and believe me my son, you will not know what struck you”

“The only way to tackle this greed is to change its direction. Redirect it towards God. I need to do more prayers, I need to finish my lord’s work, and I need to meditate for more time and much more…”

“Nobody can satisfy the appetite of this evil and it rests only when it has consumed you. You cannot control it as it finds ways to catch hold of you again and again and bring your doom. So, redirecting this feeling will help you on your path to reach the almighty”

“Redirect it and save yourselves and your loved ones.”

Raghu thanked the saint and realized his mistakes. He went back a changed man and as for the saint, happy and calm as always……


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