Believe In Yourself

How do you determine whether you are confident or not? How to gain the confidence that will not only lead to your success but will also help you to become a stronger self? Is there a secret to be confident in everything you do? How to have belief in yourself? Confidence is something which almost everyone yearns to have. Let’s dive into the holy book of Ramayana to see if we can find the secret to become confident –

Angad, the teenage prince of Kishkindha, looked at the heavy muscular arms approaching his leg. A moment later, he felt the grip tightening around his ankles and calf muscles, followed by the loud cry of the demon warrior. He felt the adjustment of grip around his leg and looked into the eyes of the warrior who despite of all his efforts was not able to move his leg.

Angad smiled and gazed around the court of the majestic palace of Ravana. The echo of his shout of ‘Jai Siya Ram’ followed by the noise of his feet landing on the elegant marble floors of the palace was still fresh in his mind. He looked straight into the eyes of the members of the court with an unmatched level of confidence.


The next member of the court replaced the one who recently failed to lift his leg. He recollected the words of Angad ; “If anyone in this court, is able to lift my leg … we will accept defeat and return back with the whole army”; bent down and adjusted his grip,  and with a loud cry of – ‘Hail Lankesh’ applied force against his leg.

Meanwhile, Angad looked at the struggling warrior and then at Ravana with a smile on his face. His leg remained fixed at the spot. One by one they tried to lift his leg and each time they failed miserably.



Imagine the level of confidence that Angad might had at this point of time. A teenager, up against one of the best warriors of Ravana’s court, confidently stating that they will accept defeat if anyone among them is able to lift is leg. Without knowing about the power of those present around him, imagine the magnitude of the belief he had in himself. His words before he planted his foot down, does give us a hint to attain this level of confidence and belief in ourselves –

“I’m the devotee of Lord Ram, the disciple of Hanuman, the Son of the powerful Bali and the representative of Sughriv. I challenge this court to lift my leg and if successful we will accept defeat and return back.”

Imagine his level of belief in himself which prompted him to take such a major decision. A belief and confidence supplemented by whom he was and what he was proud of.

Is there something you are proud of? It could be anything, your school , your parents , your teachers, your friends, the place you live in, the company you work for, your own business empire, your own very self…..

You already have the key to attain the level of confidence you always wanted. Analyze yourself and next time when you are feeling a little low, just remember who you are and be proud of it. And see for yourself the change in your behaviour, your confidence level and your life.

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